Simple Import

Virtuemart Simple Import

This is the simplest product import component for Virtuemart Joomla.

Simple Import is the result of "In House" development by our sister company "Stores That Work".  We developed a tool to save literally weeks of mind-numbing CSV file editing.  With Simple Import, we can put together a 5000 product CSV import file in less than 30 minutes.  In the past, this could have taken well over a WEEK to put together.  The daunting task of editing a large CSV file is usually the roadblock that stops most "Do-it-yourself'ers".

We designed Simple Import to be just that, SIMPLE.  You are not going to find a lot of different import options.  Simply put you data into the Simple Import Template format and import the file.  That's IT!!!


Simple Import is designed to work with existing data supplied by manufactureres.  Our sister company "Stores That Work" uses Simple Import to import data from a number of different suppliers.

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Virtuemart Simple Product Import

Features of Simple Import for Virtuemart (Free Version)

  • Product Variations are automatically handled.
  • Product images in subdirectories.
  • Extremely simple CSV file format.
  • Product Import Summary.
  • Very fast import
  • Can handle large files
  • No need to split your CSV product import file into smaller files.

Additional Features (Paid Version)


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  • Detailed CSV Analysis.
  • Full Product Support.
  • Product Updates.


Version History

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See how product variations in Virtuemart are easy with Simple Import

VirtueMart Simple Import :: Handle Product Variations in Virtuemart

Virtuemart 1.1.9

Simple Import 1.0.0 Initial Release Free Version

Simple Import 1.0.1 Initial Release Paid Version

Virtuemart 2.0.+

Simple Import 2.0.0 Initial Release Free Version

Simple Import 2.0.1 Initial Release Paid Version

Simple Import 2.1.2 Update Paid Version

  • Fixed Image Import Problem
  • Improved Variant List in Dropdown

Simple Import 2.1.3 Update Paid Version (2/21/13)

  • Fixed problem with special characters in import CSV file
  • Improved database function