Visual Product Feed

Google Feed Generator for Virtuemart Joomla

New Google XML Feed Specification Requirements.  Automatically assign product variations.

Visually Build Your Google Product Feed, No more CSV

The best and most effective way to build you product feed for Google.  No more "Mind Numbing" CSV file editing.  vProduct Feed automatically scans all of your Virtuemart categories.  All of the data is displayed visually.

When you click on one of your Virtuemart categories, vProduct Feed automatically picks the corresponding Google Category for you.  It's really that simple. 

Screen from the "Link Category" page

Google Product Data Feed Generator

From the "Assign Variants" page, you select the different variant type assoiated with the product.  Google has strict specification for product variations and for products that are listed under the "Apparel & Accessories"

vProduct Feed automatically shows you all of your products that has been associated with "Apparel & Accessories" and all relevant sub-items.

This is an extremely powerful component for Virtuemart Joomla.

We recently generated a Google feed for one of our stores that contained over 5000 products that were under the "Apparel & Accessories" category.  We were able to generate this feed in under 2 hours.  Normally this would have taken at least a week of "Mind Numbing" CSV file editing.

vProduct Feed Component for Virtuemart Joomla

Available for Virtuemart 2.0

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Google Data Feed For Virtuemart Tutorial

VirtueMart Google Data Feed Generator :: Automatically Generate Google Product Feed